Celebración de eventos

If you are hosted in one of our houses, you can take advantage of it and use our places to prepare an event or celebration. Our houses have different indoors areas, as well as playgrounds and gardens. Besides, we can help you on the preparation of your event. We have al kinds of useful stuff: tables, chairs, barbecues, etc.

Do you need catering service? Contact Catapán. We also recommend Andres’s Butchery (696 36 65 06), located close to Horche’s central square.

Casa Andrea – La Chocolatería

It is possible to celebrate your event inside both Casa Andrea and La Chocolatería. They also have a playground with barbecue. Maximum number of attendees depends on the occupation of the houses. If you need further information, please contact us or visit us before making your reservation.
IMPORTANT: parties are not allowed as these properties are located in the village center. Nor annoying noises from 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.

El Zarzal – Domo geodésico

Our rural cottage El Zarzal in a privileged spot surrounded by nature. You can use a 1000 m2 green area with an incredible views of the Ungria’s valley to prepare your event. This garden offers an exclusive atmosphere for those who are looking for something different to surprise your guests. Maximum number of attendees is about 40 people.

Note that this space has a single restroom located in the ground floor of the cottage. In order to get the place, it is neccesary to access through a 100 meters long dirt path. If you want to get further information, please contact us.


  • If you are interested in this service, it is a requirement to be hosted in one of our cottages.
  • Unique price per attendee (additionally to those who are already hosted in the cottage) is 15€. This amount does not include any kind of service, just the attendance to the event.
  • Attendees to the event will never be considered as guests of the house. Thus, they cannot use any bedroom.
  • In order to hire this service or to request a custom quote, please contact us.

Event celebration rules

  • Guests will be responsible of any damage that may cause by the attendees. These damages would be deducted from the deposit which is left on the cottage booking process.
  • Both guests and attendees must reduce noise level to not disturb neighbours, especially at night. Excessive noise level is forbidden, and may cause the end of the stay and deposit loss, if neccesary.
  • Guests will be responsible to not exceed the maximum number of attendees allowed (previously arranged)
  • If an attendee wants to spend the night in a cottage, it must be communicated to the host, who will approve or deny it. If so, current rates will be applied.
  • Guests will be responsible to keep the area clean and to take out the trash.
  • All the guests must comply with the rest of the house rules