Horche, Guadalajara


Breathe pure air, reconnect with nature, and embrace the love for animals at Las Casas de Andrea, a rural complex located in the heart of La Alcarria.

Our accommodations

An oasis of tranquility where everyday life slows down and time seems to stand still. Welcome to our natural retreats

10-18 people
Casa Andrea

Our cozy abode offers an unparalleled experience, with a 16th-century cellar integrated into its fireplace lounge.

10-18 people
La Chocolatería

Former chocolate factory with over two centuries of history converted into a rural house: with a pool, breathtaking views, and unique accommodations.

2-8 personas
El Zarzal

Rural house with a cabin-like feel located on a private estate of over 10,000m2 with a private pool, farm, and orchard.

Horche: A History of Hidden Treasures

Discover the natural beauty of Horche as you explore its surroundings. With panoramic views of golden fields, lush forests, and majestic mountains, this is the perfect setting to disconnect and reconnect with nature.

Horche is the ideal starting point for exploring the surrounding region. From thrilling hiking trails to outdoor activities like horseback riding and cycling, here you’ll find a wide range of adventures waiting to be discovered.

Casa Rural Horche

Back to the origins

Animals cared for with tenderness

Liters of Artisanal Wine

Vegetable Varieties in the Orchard

Outdoor Painting and Art Workshops

Connect with the sound of water

Horche is a town full of fountains and life. Wake up listening to the birdsong and hear the whisper of the water that flows incessantly.

Casa Rural Horche