Wine tour

This is probably one of the most outstanding activities you can do when you visit Horche. Believe or not, there are more than 400 cellars distributed throughout the village. Despite of most of the cellars date back to the XV century and the first part of the XVI century, a couple of them still preserve the same appearance as centuries ago.

Nowadays, there are only around 70 which are currently producing their own wine exclusively for the family and friends consumption. This is an organic and 100% natural product fruit of the hard work along the whole year. Since 2012, visitors of Horche have the opportunity of visiting some of these cellars and meeting their owners thanks to the Wine tour.

Horche’s cellars and its wine culture are both an important part of the historic heritage, as well as a tourist attraction, especially the last Sunday of April, when the local Wine Contest is held every year. The Wine tour is open to the public in the morning on Saturday, Sunday and holidays (reservation required).

Price: 10€/person
Duration: 2 hours approx.
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The activity includes:

  • A guide tour through the historic center of Horche (the old laundry house, the church, the ethnographic museum, etc.)
  • Visit to two cellars and wine tasting
  • Appetizers at the end of the tour

Water sports

We provide windsurf and sailing lessons taught by Pilar Prieto Calvo, winner of the Spainish Formula Windsurf championship several times. She has 26 years of experience teaching windsurfing at the Entrepeñas reservoir (30 minutes from Horche by car). Learning windsurf is much easier than you thought, we have all the gear you need, do you dare to try it?

More info (Spanish): Club Orillas de Alocén

Trail running

We can run with you through several running tracks adapted to every level. Fortunately, our village is located in a perfect location, surrendered by different kinds of terrains such as mountains, valleys and plain areas in the countryside. Tell us what your preference is and we will find the perfect route for you. If you are used to running on asphalt, we encourage you to try the trail running. This activity is actually one of the most demanded of our guests.

Price: contact us.

Painting workshop

We are offering painting workshops in Horche for all levels, from beginners to advanced, using different techniques (oil painting, acrylic, drawing, etc.). All our workshops are taught by professors with wide experience in painting and fine arts. There are several options available, please contact us for more information.

Price: contact us.


Discover Horche’s surroundings by this activity. We have a couple of routes for different levels, although most of them were designed for a duration of 2 hours roughly. Our guide will show you the best lookouts and places beautiful places in the countryside while you learn different things about the local flora and fauna, as well as about the history of Horche.

Price: contact us.

Horse riding school

There is a horse riding school by 5 minutes from our cottages. We offer you different options such as initiation classes with either horse or poni, jumping lessons, horse dressage, guided routes and activities for children.

More info: Marta: +34 635570265. Miguel: +34 605143716


  • Horse riding baptism: 6€/person
  • Free ride with poni: 12€/hour
  • Guided route with horse: 20€/hour

Yebes Astronomical Observatory

The Astronomical Observatory of Yebes is located only 10 minutes from our cottages. You have the chance of enjoying an outstanding experience in the stars by visiting this place. There is a 40 meter radio telescope unique in Spain, designed for working with centimeter and millimeter waves.

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Mauka Aventura

Do you like rafting? what about canyoning or climbing? Mauka Adventure provides all of these activities and any others for adrenaline hunters. Checkout its catalog for further details.

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