Granja y huerto

Enjoy our own farm and orchard

In regards to the relation with the environment, urban lifestyle is, nowadays, very far from being like the one our ancestors lived. The aim of our farm and orchard activity is to bring to families, and especially kids, an immersion into rural lifestyle as it was in our ancestors’ times.

We came from a family who always lived in the countryside, working in the orchard and the farm. Therefore, we are putting effort into trying to make this experience unique with a fun and didactic activity.

Regardless the moment, the most beautiful thing about the environment is that it does not end offering us and invaluable amount of stimulus which allow us to feel wonderful sensations as humans, and you may have not felt yet.

For this reason, this is considered from our point of view a vital experience that allows kids to feel unknown sensations and see the life from another point of view completely different from others more common for children.

Children can fall and get up again, get dirty, and enjoy learning how to do traditional farming activities like milking a goat, collect eggs straight from our hen house, feeding the animals, as well as collect seasonal fruits and vegetables from our orchard.

Our activity has been designed for all ages, however, it is especially focused on children. It is very important for us to give the best of our farm and orchard to our guests. Duration of the activity is 2 hours roughly, and it can be combined simultaneously with other activities in our village, such us the wine tour.

Farm and orchard activity is free for reservations of 2 or more nights. Please contact us if you want to visit our farm and orchard without any cottage reservation.